The Heartscan Promise

Our promise is to provide the best patient care on industry leading equipment at the lowest possible radiation dose to you.

Cardiac MRI Preparation


  • No preparation is necessary for an MRI scan. You can eat and drink normally.
  • As a strong magnet is used, all metallic devices MUST be removed before entering the MRI room.
    All patients must fill in the MRI Consent Form prior to entering the scanner.
  • Patients with cardiac pacemakers and cochlear implants cannot undergo MRI scans. Other metallic implants may prohibit patients from having an MRI scan. This includes people with certain types of cerebral aneurysm clips, vascular stents, infusion pumps and neurostimulators.
  • The scan occurs in an enclosed space, so if you have problems with this and may experience claustrophobia or anxiety, please inform us in advance.