The Heartscan Promise

Our promise is to provide the best patient care on industry leading equipment at the lowest possible radiation dose to you.

CTCA Pre Medication & Contrast Consent

CTCA Medication Preparation

At Heartscan Australia we aim to have your heart rate ≤ 60 beats per minute for the best possible scan.

Please allow up to 2 hours for additional medication, to help reduce your heart rate.

1.  PRE MEDICATION: – Aim: HR around or below 60 beats per minute

  • Metoprolol 50-100 mg night before and half an hour prior to CTCA prescribed by referrer   OR
  • Chronic beta blocker / calcium channel therapy to heart rate ≤ 60 bpm

2. Other Preparation

  • Take ALL normal morning medications except Metformin
  • Fast from food for 3 hours if possible prior to CTCA. Drink water to keep hydrated.
  • No caffeine/coffee/tea/energy drinks for 24 hours prior to CTCA
  • No Cialis, Viagra, Levitra, or similar for 36 hours prior to CTCA.

CT Intravenous Contrast and Consent

This information is for patients of Heartscan Australia who intend to undergo a CT scan. This test has been requested by your referring doctor and involves injection of a dye known as intravenous (IV) contrast.

Patients will need to read the following important information about CT Intravenous Contrast.

Heartscan IV Contrast Information and Consent